About Us

When Lodging Enterprises first began adding ‘50s style diners to its hotels in 1994, they were named to reflect the local area.  Belen, NM had the Rio Grande Diner; Morrill, NE had the 26 West Diner; and Green River, WY had the Castle Rock Diner.

As we expanded our collection of hotels and added more complementing diners, unique local names became more challenging to come up with. So as a grand romantic gesture, the president of the company decided to name the next diner after his wife, Penny.  A pony-tailed waitress in a poodle skirt logo was designed, and a brand was born.

Future diners would subsequently be named Penny’s, and due to their instant appeal, all locally-named diners were gradually converted to the Penny’s Diner brand.

Offering 24-hour service and a menu full of classic, homey dishes, our 50s diner concept took form. Decorated with nostalgic memorabilia, sit down counters and line cooks; our guests are invited to relive old memories and to create new ones.

25 years later, our 27 diners across 15 states are offering up everyone’s favorite burgers, meatloaf, old-fashioned sundaes, milkshakes and malts made from scratch.

If you haven’t visited one of our retro diners, come back in time and indulge your ‘50s food cravings!

To give you a taste of the past, join us at Penny’s Diner.